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“I did it for my patients and for myself. I have more energy and feel better”

“I personally became a patient of the age intervention program offered here at Southwest Age Intervention Institute several years ago. I had reached the point where I was feeling what I thought were the inevitable signs of aging and a need to slow down because of fatigue and lack of energy. While I had once been able to easily perform a full day of surgery and patient care, I found that it was becoming much tougher to maintain that pace. As a neurosurgeon, I must be at 100%, 100% of the time.

“With hormone optimization I went from 21% to 11% body fat in six months and began to feel young again. I had energy and my mind was no longer in a fog. I could exercise and not worry about recovery and fatigue. My normal vigor and vitality returned without my being exhausted at the end of the day!

“Today, I feel the way I did in my 20s and 30s. I want to be able to offer our patients the opportunity to regain the energy and vitality levels of their more youthful days. I invite you to come in and learn how SAII can change the rest of your life into the best of your life!

I knew then that I wanted to help others feel as I felt. Here was a great program for both men and women—I realized that youth was no longer wasted on the young and that one could age youthfully!”

—Jacob Rosenstein, M.D., Neurosurgeon

I feel much stronger and my endurance is much greater than what it was”

—Mike Hollier, Patient

“This program has given me so much more mental and physical stamina to be more effective in my business.”

—Brad Stewart, Business Owner

“This was an investment that was 100% well worth it!”

—Georgia Roberts, Business Owner

“Physically, I am as strong as I was during my college football days”

“After two years of being in the Southwest Age Management program, I am most excited to share my results. I began at age 51 and have seen both visible and psychological changes over the past two years.

“Physically, I am as strong as I was during my college football days. I constantly have people ask what I am doing differently. I feel better at age 53 than I did at 40. Mentally, it is enjoyable to have the vigor again that comes with youth. My self esteem and overall outlook has changed me as a man.

“Thank you, SAII, for giving me an opportunity to enjoy this phase of life!”

—Mark M., Dentist

“I can’t be more pleased with my results”

“I am 59 years old and have been a licensed clinical psychologist for 25 years. I have always been an active, healthy individual with normal weight, but at age 57 I began to feel myself slowing down a little physically, cognitively and even sexually. Nobody said anything to me, but I noticed.

“I was working with Dr. Rosenstein at the time and became one of the first to start his age management program. Under his direction, I changed my diet, started exercising more and added testosterone injections and some supplements to my routine. Within a year, my body fat went from 24% to 14%, my energy level improved, my time to recover from exercise decreased, my mood improved, my mental focus and acuity increased and my libido improved to what it was at age 30.

“I can’t be more pleased with my results and the continuous feedback and monitoring by Dr. Rosenstein. I highly recommend this program to help you become the best individual you can be.”

—Richard Slaughter, Psy. D., Psychologist

“Today I have boundless energy and the confidence that I had as a young man”

“I began the age management program with Dr. Rosenstein in April 2008. I was experiencing all the signs and symptoms of “male menopause” (Andropause), but had no idea what was happening to me. When I exercised, I saw few results. I tried to eat well but my weight kept climbing. In the evening I would get home and invariably fall asleep on the couch. My energy had decreased dramatically and when I woke up in the morning I was not fresh and ready to take on the day. I was easily distracted and unable to handle stress, my motivation and drive were failing, and I had become, at the age of 49, a grumpy old man.

“All this changed. My blood work and evaluation revealed low hormone levels. I started a regimen of hormone replacement therapy and vitamin supplementation and within a short period of time began to notice dramatic changes. I was no longer as moody—my wife, children and staff saw a real change. I began to lose weight and put on lean muscle mass and was able to get back into clothes I had bought in 1991. My recovery following exercise is a half hour, at most, and I no longer experience muscle soreness and joint pain. Today I have boundless energy, sharper mental acuity and the confidence that I had as a young man.

“My wife saw the changes and began the program a year-and-a-half later. As a 60 year old, she feels younger and no longer has any aches and pains. She will truthfully say that she feels as though she is 35! It is so wonderful to have that youthful intimacy again.”

—Johann Van Beest, D.C., M.B.A., Chiropractor

“I had truly forgotten what it was like to feel this good”

“I had been watching my husband recapture his youth for almost a year when I decided to join the Southwest Age Intervention program as well. He had virtually transformed before my eyes, returning to the vibrant, focused, healthy man I had married 27 years ago! Why wouldn’t I embrace this opportunity to remain healthy and avoid the onset of diseases and health issues associated with aging?

“I am now one year into my ‘lifestyle change’ and have recently celebrated my 60th birthday! Most of my friends think I look like I am 40! I am delighted to tell them that I feel like I am 30!

“As a result of this program I have been able to lose 22 pounds, maintain my weight, convert 8% of body fat to lean muscle, wake up consistently pain-free and energized and completely eliminate all the symptoms associated with menopause! I had truly forgotten what it was like to feel this good!

“One of the most surprising benefits of this program is how it has affected my attitude. I have a much more positive outlook and approach to problem-solving and life in general.

“Thank you, SAII, for giving us our health and our youth! We look forward to living, loving and thriving!”

—Judiann Van Beest, Nutritional Counselor


“There is nothing better than feeling like you’re 40 when you’re 58”

I started the program at Southwest Age Intervention Institute when I was 56. I wanted to feel and look better, and I’ve seen those changes drastically. It has been a year and a half and I am still enrolled in the program.

Before I joined the program I had the aches and pains that you get with aging like plannar fasciitis, accompanied without the energy that I used to have. I was beginning to wrinkle and all of that changed when I joined the program. I have no aches and pains, or inflammation anymore, I feel great. I’ve lost about 25 pounds, my eyesight is better, my complexion is better, and my skin overall is better. I work out, I lift weights, I do cardio, and I have a lot more energy to do everything.

I have so much energy; I used to wake up in the morning and feel tired, I don’t feel that anymore. I wake up ready to go to the gym. I don’t have to take a nap every afternoon like I used to and I can stay up past 9 p.m. now. It really has increased my energy levels. I have nine grandchildren and this program has let me keep up and play with all of them. Overall I feel fabulous.

My husband, who is in the program as well, is ecstatic about my progress. I’ve lost weight; additionally I’m post-menopausal showing none of those symptoms anymore. I’m easier to live with and now we travel, play golf, snow ski, hike, we do all kinds of things. It’s been amazing for our relationship. Not to mention, my libido picked up, which my husband also enjoys. Honestly everything is better. There is nothing better than feeling like you’re 40 when you’re 58.

—Donna Rosenberry, Homemaker


“The physical changes I have experienced are incredible.”

I had a pretty significant health scare. I experienced a minor heart attack, and needed help so I looked for a program. I found the Southwest Age Intervention Institute and was immediately impressed.

When you first sign up you do an executive evaluation. It was incredibly helpful to identify what my physical age was. After the evaluation, not only did I have a very clear understanding of where I was in terms of overall health but also where I needed to go. When I started the program I was at 32.9% body fat and overweight by approximately 40 pounds. The physical changes I have experienced are incredible. I’m now down to 18.6% body fat. My waist has gone from a 42 to a size 32. After having some time in the program I made a trip to my cardiologist. He was shocked. He didn’t believe my progress. Now I am completely off all my prescriptions for my previous heart condition. I can proudly say I no longer have a heart condition.

I have completely transformed for the better. Now going to a pool party isn’t as much of an issue for me anymore. I go and have fun with my kids and family; these kinds of things didn’t happen before. I have a better attitude now than I’ve had in the past decade. I’m in the best condition of my life thanks to the program at Southwest Age Intervention Institute. Shallow or not, the fact of the matter is how we look really determines how others perceive us.

The next 40 to 50 years of my life I’m never going to stop this program. My only regret is it took me too long to get the help that I needed.

—Mike Holguin, Police Lieutenant


“Dr. Rosenstein is one of the most passionate doctors I’ve ever met”

I saw an ad for Southwest Age Intervention Institute on an in flight magazine. I looked at the ad and thought, “Wow, this is incredible.” What really impressed me was the fact that there is an age prevention group out there that takes it seriously.

I’ve been to several age management clinics. Some of them are very prompt on following up with your blood work but lack support and education on a day-to-day basis. Some are focused more on disease prevention than age management, and there is a big difference. When you go into the average preventative medicine groups, they do the usual heart health checkup, but nothing that’s proactive in making you better for the long term.

Dr. Rosenstein is one of the most passionate doctors I’ve ever met. He avidly follows the program and you can tell. He is very motivating; he makes me want to be better. If I call him, within 10 to 15 minutes he’s either emailing me or returning my phone call. You feel like you have a doctor in your back pocket.

When you get older your joints start wearing out and your back starts getting sore. The wear and tear on your body is mostly reversible. Most of those pains are inflammatory changes that can be altered. Dr. Rosenstein understands this and lives by it. I will surely continue in this program as long as he is in practice. I want to be healthy well into my 80s and 90s and in this program, I can accomplish that.

—Deborah Loth, D.D.S., M.S., P.C., Endodontist


“We’re back to doing the things we did in our 20’s and 30’s”

When you age, feeling more energized is something you start thinking about more often. Around the time of 40 I started seeing changes. After work outs I would be tired, and I wouldn’t recover as fast. That’s when the ad for Southwest Age Intervention caught my attention.

When I started the program I had my initial checkup. They drew my blood to determine what I was missing and gave me supplements to fulfill my lacking nutrients. I was educated what I should eat, and why I needed to take these supplements. It is a hands-on measure to rejuvenate the human body, and it works.

My wife and I have energy and we’re back to doing the things we did in our 20s and 30s. It’s amazing how my life changed. I feel good all the time and I’ve got energy.

For instance, at work people around me are starting to get tired and lethargic, and I’m still charging. My memory is better now. It started slipping in my 40s, but now I retain things like I did when I was in my teens and my twenties. I can recite phone numbers after hearing them once. The memory recall is just unbelievable.

Sometimes when I work out and want to cut it short, I push myself to finish. I do so because I want to look like Rosenstein. He is in amazing shape and avidly follows the program, and it’s apparent by his energy and liveliness. I want to have as much fun and energy as I can. I want to maintain a zest for life. We are all going to age, so I encourage everyone to age gracefully by getting involved with Dr. Rosenstein and Dr. Van Beest at Southwest Age Intervention Institute.

—Anthony “Tony” Loth, CFO of a Solid Waste Environmental Service

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